Mother’s Day Twitter Chats Blog Tour: The Ones Who Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones: Mothers


May 5, 2010 by Deanna Schrayer

Welcome to the Twitter Chats Blog Tour, organized by Mariana N. Blaser at mari’s randomities and Anne Tyler Lord at Don’t Fence Me In. Today’s theme is Mother’s Day. 

You’ll be traveling with us through the blogs of some of the fantastic authors and writers who participate in our weekly — funny, entertaining and educating — Twitter chats. This tour will feature writers from #writechat, #litchat, and #fridayflash.

You will be directed to your next stop at the end of this post. Please feel welcome here, and have a happy Mother’s Day!


The Other Side of Deanna is my fiction blog; however, I wanted this post to reflect what my mother’s love and guidance have done for me as a mother myself, so this piece is nonfiction. To read more of my nonfiction, stop in at my sister blog, The Life of a Working Writer Mommy.


The Ones Who Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones: Mothers

I grew up the oldest of three girls, my mother having given birth to me at a young age. Yes, I was more or less the “experimental” child – interesting how this is most always the way the oldest can be described.

I guess God knew what he was doing by presenting me first, for I threw out every possibility of a learning experience known to motherhood.  I was the wild child, the one who tested my mother’s patience at every available opportunity, from birth all the way through at least the age of 25. 

Though I was interested in many different subjects, (as a child), the one that fascinated me the most was acting. I exhibited the perfect dramatic flair to have made a great success of a career as an actress. My daddy was certain I would one day move to New York City and become famous on the numerous stages the city boasts. But while my day-dreamer daddy viewed this trait as a great opportunity, my wise mother saw it for what it truly was – God’s test of her patience. I dare say I was one of the most mischievous teenagers ever lived.

Because of this bent toward “wildism”, my family naturally assumed I would never marry, never have children of my own. I was simply too independent and wrapped up in my own self to even think of having a family to care for.

I am glad to say that changed, and I believe my family is too. With the wisdom, the guidance, and the unconditional love of my mother, I eventually outgrew that wildism. Both my [younger] sisters had already set about starting their own families before God sent his angel, my husband Jim, and together we began the journey of creating a family of our own.

I am so blessed with the privilege of having my own sons, (11 and soon to be 13-years-old), who are growing up way too fast, but who [I am proud to say] are the most kind, generous children I’ve ever known. I only hope they continue to grow more loving every day. After all, that well-known curse “I hope you have one just like you”? It works! So many people have told me that my youngest not only looks just like me, but acts just like me too, and I see it clear as day. Please pray, for his teenage years are coming way too soon….

Life can be challenging at times, for everyone. I doubt there’s any family in this world who doesn’t experience the occasional stumbling block or two, but if we didn’t love each other so fiercely, the rewards of renovating those stumbling blocks into stepping stones wouldn’t feel so satisfying. And without the love of our mothers, we’d never make it across safely.

This video is a tribute to the many women in my life who have helped guide me to be the woman I am today, especially my mother. I love you all from the depths of my soul. Happy Mother’s Day.

*Portraits in this video by Todd Caulkins of PortraitEFX of the Tri-Cities.


This Flower, one of my all-time favorite songs, is written and performed by Kasey Chambers.

This Flower

Well this flower is my soul
But it’s not half of what I owe
I should give you every rose that ever grew
But take this one here for a start
And you can keep it in your heart
I have everything I need because of you

Well if my life was long enough
to pack up everything I love
I would do just that and give it all to you
But it’s impossible to pay
All the things you gave away
So this flower I give will have to do

Well this flower is my soul
But it’s not half of what I owe
I should give you every rose that ever grew
But take this one here for a start
And you can keep it in your heart
I have everything I need because of you

Well all the flowers growing wild
For ten thousand lonely miles
Is not near enough to give you what I should
So I will owe you for a while
Maybe longer than my time
I would give you all the world if I could

So this flower is my soul
But it’s not half of what I owe
I should give you every rose that ever grew
But take this one here for a start
And you can keep it in your heart
I have everything I need because of you
I have everything I need because of you


Thanks for stopping by! Your next stop for the Mother’s Day Twitter Chats Blog Tour is Laura Eno of A Shift in Dimensions, @lauraeno on Twitter.

The complete list of participants can be found at the host’s blogs: Mari Juniper and Anne Tyler Lord.

33 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Twitter Chats Blog Tour: The Ones Who Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones: Mothers

  1. Jemi Fraser says:

    What an incredibly lovely post, Deanna! I LOVE the video – total awesomeness :)

    I’m so glad I popped over tonight – this leaves me with great vibes!!

  2. lauraeno says:

    Wow! A video and everything! Like you, I’m the oldest ‘experimental’ child so I completely relate. This was a lovely tribute. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. That was lovely. The post and the video. I smiled when I saw the “oprah” frame in the video, grinned when I saw the photo of your boys in the ocean and Awwwwwwwed when I saw the most recent formal portrait of you, your husband and your boys. You and your mom are lucky ladies to have each other. Happy mother’s day Deanna.
    Karen :0)

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  5. Deanna Schrayer says:

    Thanks so much Jemi, Laura and Karen!

    I had a blast making the video, even though, (I may as well go ahead and admit it), I did shed a few tears when I dug up the pictures of my boys when they were just little bitty. I miss that age so much! But I’m enjoying this age too. If only we could bottle them up like genies and let them out, at every age, now and then….

    I’m just now trying to wake up but after a couple more cups of coffee will be taking the tour myself. I look forward to reading your posts!

  6. Lovely tribute, Deanna! Sometimes I just can’t believe how our mother’s survived raising us! ha ha. But at last we reach an age where we have the good grace to be grateful. Well done.

  7. Awwww – Isn’t that gorgeous? Music sends the pictures right to the heart, doesn’t it?

  8. Deanna Schrayer says:

    Thank you Donna and Kristi, very much. I hope you both have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

  9. Lovely tribute Deanna! And, oh, I love the soundtrack! heh :)

  10. Deanna, that was such a great video. I loved seeing your family. The pics of the boys were so good. There is so much family resemblance in the group shot.

    That music was perfect! It added the perfect emotion and energy.

    I had the same reaction as you did when getting out all the old pictures of my children when they were young. Now my hubby has them running on my desktop and it is really hard to write – I just saw their ultrasound pics as I type. *sniff*

    thanks for sharing this beautiful tribute

  11. Deanna Schrayer says:

    Thanks Mari and Anne!

    Anne, how wonderful that your hubby got the old pictures on your desktop. I would love to have all ours on my computer, but that would first take me going through them all, (and I literally have suitcases full). The ultrasound pics? Aww, just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

    We sure are shedding a lot of tears around here today. :)

  12. Marisa Birns says:

    Oh, Deanna, this was just so beautiful and moving. What a tribute to your family!

    Music was perfect for the video presentation.

    What an awesome woman you are.

  13. Tony Noland says:

    Deanna, this was so open and honest. I love that in all the twists and turns of life, you find yourself in a place where you can make such a video!

  14. Deanna Schrayer says:

    Thank you so much Marisa and Tony. Marisa, you’ve made me blush – something very difficult to achieve. :)

    I really appreciate everyone”s kind words. This was a lot of fun to create.

  15. Tammy Caulkins says:

    Well that was just beautiful! I don’t know how you find the time to put something like that together. I love you and thanks for the memories! :)

  16. techtigger says:

    love the photo album, thanks for sharing it! And happy mother’s day, you wild-child you! :)

  17. I knew you had to be a wild child! Lovely post D.

  18. This was a beautiful tribute, and I bet your mother would say that in the end, it was worth everything. It sounds like you turned out just right. Our moms really have to be patient, don’t they? :-)

    Really lovely post.

    • Deanna Schrayer says:

      Thanks so much Phyl. It’s funny, even though I created this video for my family, I was almost afraid to tell them about it – after all, I put their pictures on the internet without asking! But I finally gave in and sent them an email. I was pleasantly surprised by their reactions. My youngest sister is a singer, (not professionally – she’s too shy), and her voice sounds much like Alison Kraus. She loved this song so much that she’s looking for the music now so she can sing it in church, and you can see Tammy’s comment, my other sister, above. My mom replied to the email a few hours later saying she was still crying, she loved it so much. I let out a big “whew”!

      Thanks again everyone and I hope you all have a beautiful Mother’s Day!

  19. What an uplifting, sensitive, happy Mother’s Day posting…I have boys about the same age as yours and I also am so proud of how wonderful they are — certainly not perfect! (they take after me) — but wonderful, nevertheless..
    Happy Mother’s Day Deanna.
    Enjoy those beautiful sons.

    • Deanna Schrayer says:

      Thanks so much Cathy. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Enjoy your sons too, and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  20. Sam says:

    What a great post Deanna, heart-warming. I am in the midst of my daughter’s teenage years at the moment, so I’ll definitely be praying your son’s teenage time passes without incident. :)

    • Deanna Schrayer says:

      Thanks Sam, both for the kind comment and the well-wishes. I gotta tell you, as much as I dread those teenage years, I’m so glad I don’t have to endure them with a daughter! I have a step-daughter who just turned 23 yesterday. She lived with us through most of her teenage years, and I definitely wouldn’t want to go through that again! ;)

  21. ganymeder says:

    Happy Mother’s Day.

    That was just lovely. :)

  22. “The Ones Who Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones: Mothers” so, so true!

    I loved your post, Deanna, and the video was lovely too!

    Happy Mother’s Day hugs!

  23. PJ Kaiser says:

    That was lovely Deanna – what a wonderful keepsake :-)

  24. Deanna Schrayer says:

    Thank you Catherine, Estrella, and PJ! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, and I hope you all had a lovely mother’s day, even if you’re not a mommy. :)

  25. litchat says:

    What a lovely two-in-one here: A tribute to your mom and a shout of joy at being a mother. Your father sounds as if he was the ship that supported your journey, but your mother was both the rudder and the anchor.

    • Deanna Schrayer says:

      What a perfect way to describe both my dad and my mom’s roles in our family. You hit the nail on the head. Thanks so much for reading and for your kind comments.

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