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  1. Hit the Trail – #fridayflash #amwriting


    February 4, 2012 by Deanna Schrayer

    Thank you for stopping in to read my #fridayflash….. if that’s what we can call it; some may consider it …
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  2. Recurrence: a poem – #amwriting


    July 28, 2011 by Deanna Schrayer

    Most of you know that, though I am not a poet, I occasionally pen a poem because….well, that’s just the …
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  3. Desire ~ For Jim – #fridayflash


    February 10, 2011 by Deanna Schrayer

    My #fridayflash this week comes in the form of a poem, something I rarely write, and even more rarely share, …
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  4. Calling all writers – join in the fun and build your platform!


    November 15, 2009 by Deanna Schrayer

    Jim Wisneski, artist extraordinaire, hosts a contest each week on his site Writers ‘n Writers, called #alineatatime. A photo is …
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